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2014 Fulbright fellows visit El Rincon
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The Corner Institute has found that its work with the families of Malinalco's migrants to the United States has made it ideally placed to break new ground in terms of alerting policy-makers in both countries to new aspects of the migration phenomenon, and providing support to academics such as the above seminar on the challenges of conducting research in Mexico hosted for the 2014 class of Fulbright scholars in Mexico.

We are delighted to share the following papers with those interested in perspectives on migration from a Mexican home community.

Migrants vs. Family-Breaking Policy: a Mexican Home Community Proposes Policy Fixes

This paper is based on the presentation Corner Institute founder Ellen Calmus gave for the Regional Conference on Migration seminar in 2010.

Return Migration: Modes of Incorporation for Mixed Nativity Households in Mexico

This masters thesis completed in June 2011 by Dulce Medina, a Malinalco migrant currently working on her doctorate at Arizona State University, shed important new light on the issues faced by the U.S.-born children and families of migrant returnees to Mexico.